Monthly Archive: October 2012

microsoft youthspark

A Look at Microsoft YouthSpark

Microsoft’s YouthSpark is a program designed to help 300 million children in 100 countries get a great education, find work or start their own business. They plan to boost digital teaching methods in schools,...

google search ios

Google’s rival to Siri for iOS

Google’s advanced search has been on Android since the launch of Jelly Bean, and now Google is bringing it over to iOS to compete with Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. The app for iPhone and iPad...

password habits

Our Passsword Habits Unveiled

Passwords are vital for online security, but did you know that 1 in 5 people had an account compromised The key is to create strong passwords and be very careful who where you share this information. Check out the infographic after the break to find out the habits people continue to do with passwords.

gta 5 release date

Grand Theft Auto 5 coming spring 2013

The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 will be hitting consoles in spring 2013 according to the Rockstar blog. The game developed by Rockstar North will take place in Los Santos, the ”largest and most thriving game-world...

pocket mac

Pocket for Mac

I’ve always enjoyed Pocket on my mobile devices and now that it’s on the Mac I’m loving it even more. The interface is super minimal without any bells and whistles, but that’s a positive as it keeps content as the main focus. You can of course share articles to social networks, view web versions and tag posts just like in the mobile apps.

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 21.52.28

Just how big is Microsoft?

Microsoft started as a small company with just an operating system, now Microsoft is a huge global brand and is deep in other software and now even devices such as the Surface tablet. The...


Sony Xperia™ Tablet S

Sony’s latest dip into the growing tablet market is with the new Xperia™ Tablet S which Sony says “takes centre stage in your living room or on the go”. The slim device has a built-in universal...

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