Monthly Archive: March 2013


‘The Wolverine’ International Trailer

The first full length trailer for The Wolverine is finally here. The Wolverine is the sixth installment in the X-Men film series with Hugh Jackman reprising his role from previous films as the title character...

metal gear solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain trailer

So it’s finally official, The Phantom Pain is indeed Metal Gear Solid 5 (not that it wasn’t obvious). Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was officially revealed during a GDC panel today. The trailer...

magnetic putty

Amazing magnetic putty caught on video

This awesome magnetic putty was caught on video by Scott Lawson, and shows time lapse of the event over 1.5 hours at 3fps, then played back at 24fps. Scott says: The magnetic putty will...

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