Monthly Archive: April 2013

GTA 5 trailer 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Characters Trailer

Rockstar promised and they delivered. Here’s all three character trailers rolled into one for Grand Theft Auto V. We meet Michael, Franklin and then Trevor, who we’ll all get to play with. GTA V...

google now ios

Google Now arrives on iOS

Turns out that leaked Google Now for iOS video we seen a while back was 100% legit as Google Now has just arrived for iOS, both iPhone and iPad ready as part of the...

road to the final

Heineken – The Road to the Final

The quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League are heating up with the second-leg on its way, but who will win the battle? Heineken has revealed its new campaign called “The Final” along with the Road to...

the voice uk bingo

The Voice Bingo [Shareables]

The judges on BBC’s The Voice are continuing to compile their teams this week after adding six more artists to the teams. Sarah Cassidy chose to join Jessie J, Laura Oakes & Karl Michael...

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