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glass XE 12 update

No Glass update for February

Many Glass Explorers, myself included, have been anxiously waiting for an update to Glass’s OS. In the past, updates occurred monthly and often included new features and fixes for the Explorer community to test...

google glass

Encounters #ThroughGlass

Almost none of the questions I receive about Glass ask how it is to wear it in public, but it’s one of the more interesting topics of discussion. I began my life through Glass...

google glass

The Holidays, #ThroughGlass

Some people see the holidays as something they have to ‘get through’,  I’m the opposite. I embrace and enjoy every second I can. When I picked up my Glass two weeks before Christmas, I...

My first picture #ThroughGlass

My Journey #ThroughGlass

It is rare when I wake up with the amount of excitement I did on Tuesday. I sat straight up in my bed, ignoring my normal routine of checking Flipboard and browsing Twitter from...

google glass videos

Google Glass: Future of Smartphones?

The publicity behind Google Glass, Google’s latest gadget that allows users to check email, send messages and other functions from a pair of eyeglasses, is gaining momentum. However, the hype surrounding Google Glass’ 2014...

twitter for google glass

Twitter releases app for Google Glass

Today Twitter has announced Twitter for Google Glass. The app allows you to snap photos and automatically include the text “Just shared a photo #throughglass”. The app also allows you to keep up to...

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