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Why do we get nervous? [Video]

We’ve all been nervous at some point, speaking publicly or meeting new people are some of the biggest things that get people shaking, but why exactly do we feel this way? AsapScience takes a...

stop outside

What if you stopped going outside? [Video]

Humans spend less and less time outside these days thanks to the increasing numbers of ways to be entertained, but what would happen if you stopped going outside completely? This video from AsapSCIENCE explains.

What would happen if you stopped sleeping

What would happen if you stopped sleeping?

What would happen if you stopped sleeping altogether? AsapSCIENCE runs is through what happens in your body, how you feel when you lack sleep, and even information on the longest documented time a human...

mythbusters breaking bad

Watch the MythBusters Breaking Bad Special

Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan feature in this special Breaking Bad episode of MythBusters which aims to separate Breaking Bad fact from Breaking Bad fiction including using mercury as an impact explosive.

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