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the simpsons lego

The Simpsons gets the Lego Movie treatment

The Simpsons gets The Lego Movie treatment thanks to MonsieurCaron. The video shot using a Canon Rebel T3 and put together using Premiere Pro, After Effec and Garage band is a take on the Simpsons’ famous...


Why do we get nervous? [Video]

We’ve all been nervous at some point, speaking publicly or meeting new people are some of the biggest things that get people shaking, but why exactly do we feel this way? AsapScience takes a...


The Best Vines of 2013

Vine has become a pretty unique service that has created a community filled with entertaining and hilarious 6-second video clips. Twitter acquired the app in October 2012 and since launch it has been a massive...

2013 one minute

2013 in One Minute [Video]

From twerking to the NSA spying on us all, 2013 has been a pretty wacky year. In this trippy video from Animation Domination High-Def we see the most memorable moments from the past year. What...

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