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assassin's creed 2 free

Assassin’s Creed II now free on Xbox Live

As part of Microsoft’s  “Games with Gold” Assassin’s Creed II is now free to all Gold members until July 20th. The following Assassin’s Creed content is also on sale: Content Normally* Sale Price* Assassin’s...


Rockstar Games reveals more about GTA V

In an Asked & Answered session on its Newswire today, Rockstar has revealed some interesting new things that will be coming in the highly anticipated GTA V. The game will use every ounce of processing power available in...

Xbox 360 slimmer

Microsoft redesigns Xbox 360 (again)

Much like Sony introduced yet another slimmed down PlayStation 3, Microsoft has introduced a new redesign of the Xbox 360 which appears to take inspiration from the Xbox One. They also announced that the...

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