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10 awesomel Android Wear concepts

10 awesome Android Wear concepts

Android Wear is Google’s version of Android that has been designed for smartwatches and other wearable devices such as fitness bands. Announced on 18th March, a developer preview is now available which integrates Google...

nokia x android

Meet the Nokia X Android family

Nokia’s heavily rumoured and leaked Nokia X series of smartphones are official. While still looking very much like Windows Phone devices they’re actually running a heavily modified version of Android. The X has a...

google glass

Encounters #ThroughGlass

Almost none of the questions I receive about Glass ask how it is to wear it in public, but it’s one of the more interesting topics of discussion. I began my life through Glass...

htc one 2014

This is the 2014 HTC One

This is HTC’s brand new One according to @evleaks. The shot confirms that the device will have dual-cameras and dual flash on the back plus lack any physical or capacitive buttons on the front....

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