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blackberry A10 1

More BlackBerry A10 images leak

More images of BlackBerry’s A10 have been leaked, this time coming from a Twitter user @nvthanh1994. We get a pretty good look at both the front and back of the device. The device has a...

windows phone blackberry

Windows Phone overtakes BlackBerry

Marketing research from IDC about the latest quarterly shipments in the smartphone marketshare that Windows Phone has overtaken BlackBerry marketshare for the first time. During Q1 2013, Windows Phone devices accounted for 3.2 percent of...

skype blackberry 10

Skype launches BlackBerry 10.1 preview

Skype has launched a preview of Skype for BlackBerry, however the app requires you have BlackBerry 10.1, which won’t reach the market until the launch of the Q10 smartphone. So sorry Z10 owners you’ll...

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